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Going vegan to help the planet and myself! Got my family to start eating healthier too!

Going Vegan

Just bought a new cookbook and I’m trying to convert my fiancé to at least vegetarian! Wish me luck!

My new life

My one thing is to stop smoking. I want to be able to enjoy being more active in life. Its only been couple of days .But I am going to stick with it so I can be around a lot longer. I have lost an Uncle and Brother to cancer and I don’t want to go down that road.

Saying Yes!

My #OneNewThing is to say yes to any opportunities that come my way for the next month!


Trying to eat healthy green foods. Trying to become a vegetarian.


Thought about my diet! Instead of buying oily pasta, made myself a salad with organic kale, bean sprouts, tomatoes, raisins and nuts. It was so good to try something healthy! #OneNewThing

Grow Veggies

Grew my own vegetables in a garden! No pesticides or artificial fertilizers, and they tasted great.

Eating Healthy with Crispy Quinoa Cakes

I’m trying to cook/eat healthier and I’m really loving OhSheGlows recipe for crispy quinoa cakes. It’s very delicious and nutritious and is great for lunch option.

For the recipe, visit:


Eating vegetarian and vegan

Eating vegetarian and vegan more, especially on #MeatlessMonday! This chickpea sunflower sandwich from the Minimalist Baker is a great option for a packed lunch!

Salad for Days

Eating delicious, satisfying and HEALTHY salads. (image via