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Going vegan to help the planet and myself! Got my family to start eating healthier too!

Going Vegan

Just bought a new cookbook and I’m trying to convert my fiancé to at least vegetarian! Wish me luck!

My story

Exercising and eating healthy.


Trying to eat healthy green foods. Trying to become a vegetarian.


I take omega 3 supplements because they are powerful anti-oxidants.


Thought about my diet! Instead of buying oily pasta, made myself a salad with organic kale, bean sprouts, tomatoes, raisins and nuts. It was so good to try something healthy! #OneNewThing

New Things

Exercising more & eating healthier. Less processed foods.

Getting out there to enjoy life!

Going out and enjoying what life has to offer – from exercise to art to good food & friends to walking the dog and playing with the kids.

Eating your (green) veggies!

Discover a new green vegetable! I’ve enjoyed discovering my love for edamame, mini cucumbers, kale and Bok choy the last several years. I look forward to what new green veggies I can try next.

Mother and daughter celebrating their #OneNewThing this Mother’s Day

Making changes to live well and improve your breast health can start with a simple trip to the grocery store. Mother and daughter Marlene and Miranda Elder recently teamed up to develop their own healthy habits.

The Kenora, Ontario residents have made eating well an important focus by planning daily trips to the grocery store in order to prepare nutritious dinners every night. Marlene has made an active effort to eat a more balanced diet, including lots of variety in the food she eats and amping up the addition of vegetables.

“My mother had two bouts of breast cancer, so I think it’s important for me – and all women – to make health a priority,” explains Marlene Elder. “We need to put ourselves first when it comes to health and make a conscious effort to live well so that we can be there to support our family.”

In addition to focusing on nutrition, Marlene works her schedule around physical fitness, attending cardio and core classes at her community recreation centre. Miranda, who is expecting her first child, is a member of a mindfulness group, which combines meditation, tai chi and yoga.

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) applauds the Elders for their healthy habits and encourages other women to try #OneNewThing and make positive changes towards better breast health.

Many women aren’t aware that one third of breast cancers can be prevented by living well. Which is why Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, the Public Health Agency of Canada and Shoppers Drug Mart have joined forces to create the #OneNewThing campaign. The campaign is designed to help women lower their risk of developing breast cancer and understand that small steps can lead to big life changes. CBCF suggests women start by visiting to create their personalized breast health plan. By knowing your risks, you’re already on your way to better breast health.

Both mother and daughter are deeply involved in their community and believe it’s important that women are aware of the risks surrounding breast cancer.

CBCF encourages women to know how their breasts look and feel so that they may notice any changes and to learn about the benefits and limitations of participating in regular screening.

This Mother’s Day, reach out to your mom, sister or friend and resolve to make one small change to live well.

All it takes is #OneNewThing.